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90's Summer Music Program

90's Summer Music Program Artwork for New Jersey Music School

Architekt Music Academy, a respected music school in Northern New Jersey, put on a 90's Summer Music Intensive. To advertise the program, the Architekt approached us to create graphics that would capture the essence of the program and appeal to music students. We worked with them to understand the program's objectives, target audience, and branding. The resulting graphics featured a bold and colorful design, incorporating iconic 90's motifs such as cassette tapes, boomboxes, and neon colors. The graphics were used across a range of media, including social media ads, posters, and flyers, to promote the program to potential participants. Overall, Dube Design Co.'s graphics helped to create a strong visual identity for the 90's Summer Music Program and generate excitement among music fans looking for a unique and immersive summer program.

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