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Social Graphics for Music School

Social Media Graphics for North Jersey Music School

Architekt Music is a respected music school that provides students with top-notch instruction in a range of music genres. As part of their ongoing efforts to engage with students and promote their programs, Architekt Music approached Dube Design Co. to create monthly social graphics that would showcase their brand and highlight the unique qualities of their programs. Working closely with the team at Architekt Music, Dube Design Co. designed a range of social graphics that reflected the school's brand identity and highlighted the diverse range of music genres taught at the academy. These graphics included custom illustrations, vibrant colors, and bold typography, all of which helped to capture the energy and excitement of Architekt. The graphics were used across both Facebook and Instagram to engage with students and promote upcoming programs and events. Through their partnership with Dube Design Co, Architekt Music was able to establish a strong visual identity and generate excitement among music enthusiasts about their high-quality programs and instructors.

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